Nutritional Supplements

Low GI supplements for all ages filled with all the nutrients needed to fight fatigue. As a dietitian you have the opportunity to be a reseller and create a whole new income stream.

Weight to go

12 weeks to goal weight

Shed the unwanted weight the healthy way

Dieticians at Work is a group of Dieticians networking together for a full set of Dietetic services.  

If you are looking to see a Dietician for a consult, you will find a full list of us in the About Us page of the site.  We are scattered all over Gauteng in Private practices and specialize in some unique areas.

If you are a Dietician or training to be one, we offer training in a variety of areas to support you and combine our skills to offer the public a resource for all things Dietetics related.  

We train groups on healthy eating, speak in schools to parents and children about Nutrition, run group weight loss initiatives and many more.  

CPD Training and workshops

We provide accredited training for dieticians specific to their needs with courses held throughout South Africa.  A description of all our courses with dates available.

Dieticians in Private Practice

We have various Private Practices scattered around Johannesburg, Centurion and Pretoria.  All of our dieticians are Vitality registered.

Dieticians in NHC Practices

We have dieticians in NHC Health Centres around Gauteng.  All of our dieticians are Vitality registered.

Weight to Go

We run Weight To Go, weightless groups in various centers around Jhb.  This is a fun way to lose weight with friends joining in and offering great support until you achieve your goals.

Dieticians at Work or DAW has a new division


DAW Coporate is our coporate arm that supports the many areas dietetics offer services to businesses.  This includes wellness days, staff health assessments, workshops on nutrition, stress management, sport and nutrition and various other topics.

Health Days

Our Dieticians will assess your staff’s cholesterol and blood glucose levels, blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference and percentage body fat. We follow through with a comprehensive health report, with options to address health concerns with nutrition workshops and/or individualized dietary consultations

Lectures & Workshops

Our team of qualified dietitians offer a range of speciality talks for any group. Our stress management and Sports Nutrition talks and workshops can be requested and adapted for any group.

Food Labelling | Nutrition Analysis

Food Manufacturer’s products need accurate food labels for the public. We will consult to you according to the latest Food Labelling Law.
We also offer a nutrition analysis on products or menu’s for restaurants, canteens or a magazine recipe.

Biggest Loser Competition

Our Biggest Loser Competition is a weight loss programme for groups run within businesses.  The focus is on health and weight loss with a dose of healthy competition.