Fatigue Management

Specialised field of dietetic work and services for the mining sector

Wellness in the Workplace = Improved productivity in the workplace

It is a well-researched fact that overall wellness in the workplace results in statistically significant improved productivity amongst employees, with many subsequent benefits, such as reduced absenteeism and improved worker morale, to mention but a few.

“Wellness” is a broad term that encompasses the following attributes:

Improved overall energy levels, resulting in

  • High levels of enthusiasm and motivation
  • Ability to “Go the extra mile” in work and in recreation. (i.e.-increased productivity at work)
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • More productive hours in the day!


Less acute illnesses such as colds, influenza’s, short-term infections

  • Improved ability to fight infections; improved immune system
  • Improved recovery rate should an infection occur


Less chronic lifestyle illnesses

such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hypoglycaemia, skeletal disorders etc.
These conditions cost the affected individual as well as their medical scheme exorbitant amounts in money and time. Hospitalisation is often required.


Significantly improved staff morale

We understand the nutrition needs of different types of miners (COMRO Refs apply), both pit miners and underground workers and can supply supplementary feeds to assist with achieving good nutrition of miners.


We have experience in providing health and nutrition programs in the mining occupational health centres, with continued follow-through and support being the key to successful outcomes. Examples of such initiatives include:

  • Nutrition workshops (any required language) on budget-friendly, healthy eating (entitled: “Lifestyles for productivity”)
  • Teaching those at home healthy eating, with food demonstrations.
  • Eating correctly on shift: day / night shift (food and drink ideas, times of eating / drinking, foods and drinks to avoid)
  • Hostel kitchen audits (safety and security)
  • Hostel menu planning and meal analysis
  • Simple vegetable garden design workshops
  • Workshops on nutrition for sport e.g. soccer, athletics etc.


We will sit with you, and listen to your specific needs, and provided nutrition-based solutions for your miner’s specific needs.