Nutrition Supplements

Colette Dreyer, RD(SA) and Sue Scharf RD(SA) present a comprehensive workshop on Nutrition Supplements.

All the latest scientific information and recommendations for the use of nutrition supplements in both healthy individuals and in those with specific disease conditions, will be presented.

To supplement or not to supplement?

“Too many benefits: too good to be true?”

These are the questions faced by Dieticians on a daily basis.

Micronutrients play a vital role in the daily diets of both healthy individuals as well as those requiring therapeutic diets.  Dieticians At Work have put together this full-day workshop based on an established need amongst Dieticians to learn more about micronutrients and indications of when and in what doses they should be supplemented.

Please contact us should you be interested in attending this workshop.

Topics include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Nutritional Supplements
    • Phytochemicals
    • Co-enzyme Q10
    • Pre- and Probiotics
    • Amino Acids
    • Fibre supplements

  • Anti-ageing supplements
  • Preventing disease
  • Treating specific ailments
  • Questionable claims: evaluating label claims (cutting out the “hype”)
  • DRIs
  • Safe and effective use of supplements  (safety guidelines)
  • Safe doses, and special considerations, e.g. women, men over 50, vegetarians, people who exercise frequently, smokers, etc
  • Drug-nutrient interactions.


All of our workshops are available to be presented anywhere in South Africa, including smaller towns.


Please contact us if you have a group of dieticians who are interested in attending one of our workshops in your area.