Wendy Lord

Registered Dietitian

Practice details:

  • Parkmore: 082 784 7698
  • Dieticians At Work: 079 772 8780

Wendy Lord has been practising as a dietician since 1999. After completing her degree and post-graduate diploma in dietetics at the University of Natal, Pitermaritzburg, Wendy started her own practice in Petervale, Sandton. In 2004 she moved her practice to the Medicross in Edenvale, and in 2012 she relocated to Parkmore, Sandton, where you can find her now. Wendy is currently working at the NHC in Bryanston and at home in Parkmore, Sandton.

Wendy enjoys variety and thrives in a different work environments. While running her practice, Wendy Lord has also worked in hospitals, both in the wards and in the kitchen, consulting with patients and being involved in the production of the food.

Wendy has also been involved in the planning and analysis of menus for institutions including hospitals, schools, orphanages and boarding houses and residences.

Food is an important part of our lives, both for life and for enjoyment. Wendy’s motto is: Go back to basics! Eat REAL food that is TASTY and SIMPLY prepared!

Wendy is passionate about making a healthy lifestyle simple. It needs to work for the whole family and be adaptable to any situation. Wendy’s main areas of interest include healthy eating, weight loss, diabetes and heart health.
Email Wendy: wendy@wendylorddietician.co.za

Website: www.wendylorddietician.co.za