Sue Scharf

Registered Dietitian

Private Practice: Sundowner

Sue co-founded Dieticians At Work (DAW), a network of dieticians providing dietetic services across South Africa.

Sue runs CEU Workshops and talks for Dieticians and other allied Medical professionals.

She has also developed and run both diabetic and weight-loss support groups for over 14 years.

She gives talks to schools and clinics; and has also had experience with the media: radio, television and magazines. 

Sue has also been involved in software development and marketing, specifically with dietetic and medical accounting software.

In the early 2000’s, she served on the Executive Committee for the Association for Dietetics in SA, in the portfolio of Private Practicing Dieticians.  

Since 2012, Sue has provided product development advice, labelling advice, and nutrition training to Back To Basics-Nutrition. Her role in the company became more permanent in July 2015, when she started work on a permanent part-time basis for them as the company’s in-house Dietician, and as National Sales Manager.