When asking individuals, what words or phrases they most readily associate dieticians with, the answers are usually “weight loss”, “healthy eating”, “vegetarian”, or even “salad”.

What most of the general public is not aware of, is that dieticians can do some much more than get you to a healthy weight!

Being within a healthy weight range, is one of the simplest ways to prevent developing chronic diseases of lifestyle, such as diabetes, and heart disease. If you are overweight, then making an appointment with a dietician to assist you in losing weight happily and healthily, would be highly beneficial to your health and your quality of life going forward!

However, what about other health issues? Mental health, pregnancy, breastfeeding, rehabilitation during after hospitalization, nutrition for the elderly, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, emotional eating, and dealing with fussy eaters, are all possible issues that could be eased with assistance of a dietician.

A small amount of valid, general nutrition education, can really go a long way!

book today to optimize your health, and prevent future illnesses!