Thando Mabaso

Registered Dietician

Thando has spotted the gap, and generational differences, in the knowledge amongst African communities which has left us with the highest mortality rates of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, renal failure and heart disease.

Her aim as a dietician is to formulate economic and convenience lifestyle solutions for a variety of medical conditions.  Thando is focused on making our African communities healthier.

As a proud African woman, I know the importance of being aware of what you put in your system because that determines the quality of your life.

Thando Mabaso is a University of Pretoria graduate in Dietetics.  From the Vaal Triangle, she is actively redefining the African diet from the Westernised and “democratic” acquired culture.  Thando is interested in educating the community and aid in sustaining a healthier society.

My vision is to see townships in South Africa progressing in sustaining a nutritious lifestyle amongst families and within their communities.

My mission is to make a nutritious diet more affordable and convenient to prepare for our African societies.