Maresa Seyffert

Registered Dietician

Practice Details:

  • Northcliff NHC:  011 214 9000

In high school I did a Medical Terminology Course at the University of Pretoria and although we had only learned about all the terms it was enough to ignite a passion for health. I decided to study Dietetics and I completed my BSc Dietetics degree at North-West University in 2015. During 2015 I did a clinical internship at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital where I was exposed to a variety of diseases and conditions, both in adults, as well as paediatric patients. I also did a food service internship at Huis Eikelaan, an old age home in Potchefstroom. In 2016 I gained further experience in clinical dietetics when I was doing my Community Service year at Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital. Working in such a large hospital enabled me to treat inpatients as well as outpatients with conditions ranging from lifestyle related diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension etc.) to HIV and TB, liver and renal disease, oncology, and paediatric patients to name a few.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and I am also a member of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA). I really enjoy learning and the fact that dietetics is a continuously evolving science is what intrigues me, as there is always new research being done and new discoveries that impact nutrition. As a dietitian, my favourite part is to help people, whether it is with a meal plan or with education/counselling, it is so satisfying knowing that you have helped someone to change their life completely. I believe everyone’s health is a result of their total lifestyle and my goal is to make each patient realise this and help them to achieve that.

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