Super Foods: Eggs

EggEgg white vs Egg yolk

What is the healthiest part of an egg? Is it the egg yolk or the egg white? Well both are very important. Eggs are seen as a super food for its rich protein and nutritional profile. Yes the yolk does have cholesterol but it does not affect the blood cholesterol as bad at Trans fatty acids do.

Eggs to stave off hunger

Eggs are another powerful tool in your hunger-fighting arsenal. One study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people ate eggs for breakfast (versus equal-calorie breakfasts of either cereal or croissants), they consumed up to 438 fewer calories over the entire day, because the egg kept them fuller for longer due to the high protein content. Other research indicates that an egg breakfast may help control hunger for a full 24 hours. Amazing!

Other positive properties of yolks include the fact that they contain choline, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with fat metabolism in the body and is needed for healthy bones. But very few foods contain vitamin D. Make sure to get some daily sun.

Now don’t think of eggs as the heart disease causing food anymore. Remember moderation. Limit your intake of eggs to 1 yolk per day and use egg whites for the additional protein they provide.

Veggie Scramble Recipe

One of my favourite egg dishes is a breakfast veggie scramble that I make with 1 whole egg and 2 whites with leftover chopped veggies and served in a warm low-fat whole-wheat tortilla.


Tanya Alberts RD(SA)

NHC Honeydew